Choosing the Perfect Replacement Watch Strap during Watch Repair

If your watch is damaged or broken, it’s likely a watch repair shop will be your first point of call. While your local watch service provider completes the repairs, you can take the opportunity to explore a variety of watch straps to give your timepiece a new lease of life. Different types of watch straps are suited to different lifestyles so, to ensure longevity, it’s important you choose the right one.


A classic style of strap available in an assortment of colours, leather straps are one of the most popular styles of watch strap used by watch repair shops when refurbishing timepieces. If you wear your watch to work, a leather strap is a fantastic choice as it is both timeless and durable. Most leather watch straps are made from calf leather, however, natural Nappa leather is an increasingly popular choice. For versatility, choose a brown leather watch strap which can then be styled up or down to suit both casual and formal ensembles. A black watch strap is considered very formal while a coloured watch strap in navy, green or burgundy can be difficult to style while seeming very casual.


Ideal if your watch is waterproof or a sports watch, rubber straps are very durable as, unlike leather, salt water will not break down the material. However, rubber straps have a very casual appeal which is great for the gym or the beach but somewhat out of place in the office. If the watch you’re having repaired is an old watch that you do not wear often, it may be beneficial to have your watch repair shop replace the strap with a rubber strap so you can use the watch at the gym or on the weekend without fear of the strap being easily damaged or smelling of sweat, like some leather straps.


A NATO strap is woven strap that’s best known for its use on army watches. However, a NATO strap also has its benefits for the everyday watch wearer. A NATO strap can be swapped very easily which makes it very versatile– you can easily change the strap colour to match your outfit. When your watch is in for repair, it’s worth exploring the different NATO straps on offer as it could be worth your while to pick up a handful of variations. However, do keep in mind that a woven NATO watch strap is very casual and, typically, should only be worn as a daytime watch or when you’re being active.


Metal link bracelets are a brilliant choice for a premium watch – both sterling silver and gold are incredibly versatile. However, chain link watch straps do cost that little bit more which is why you should save it for a truly special watch. In most cases, your local watch repair shop will be able to remove links from a metal strap easily, making it a superb choice if you’re buying a watch as a gift.

Next time you’re having your watch battery replaced or an old watch repaired, consider changing up your watch strap to better suit your lifestyle.

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