Watch Restoration

Our watch restoration services are aimed at providing an aesthetic overhaul service to our customers watches.

All of the different parts of a watch such as the metal bracelet, case, bezel, brown, dial and hands are exposed to the elements and normal wear and tear, which we can restore back to pristine condition.

Watch Polishing & Restoration – Includes polishing all scratches, marks and blemishes off the exposed metal. Each of the metal parts is disassembled and polished separately to achieve a perfect result. We restore stainless steel watches, yellow gold watches, white gold watches, silver and more.

Once the watch has been polished, we restore the original brush finish to “showroom condition”.

We can also polish and restore gold plated watches and have them re-plated where needed. In cases where a particular part, such as bracelet link, bezel or crown is severely damaged, we are able to supply original parts.

You are welcome to call our workshop to discuss restoration of your watch.

Dial Restoration –  Our workshop receives watches that have suffered from liquid damage that stained the dial or vintage watches where the dial bears marks, scratches and faded colour.

Our dial restoration services, carried out by our specialist dial artist, removes the damage and restores the original colour and look of the dial. In cases of extreme damage to the dial, we provide a large selection of replacement dials for leading swiss makes such as Cartier, Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer and other.

If you are not sure whether your watch dial can be restored, we will welcome your call or email accompanying a picture of the dial in order to provide advice and a quote.

In addition to our watch restoration services we provide full mechanical services to automatic, manual wind and quartz watches, and stock a large variety of genuine parts such as dials, hands, crowns, bracelet links and sapphire crystals. You can call our workshop to enquire about restoring your watch or send us a quick estimate form.